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Themes and theses of the reports for the inclusion to the programme are to be sent till the 26th of August on the e-mail: rostourism@inbox.ru, letter theme “Seminar, the Komi Republic”.

Regarding the participation of the delegates from municipal units and entities of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Komi, Deputy Head of the Department of Tourism Development Ms Petrova Olga Vasilyevna: 8 (8212) 21 69 03, pov418@yandex.ru..
Tourism development corporation of the Republic of Komi, Alisa Kaseva, (8212) 20 00 60, forumkomi@gmail.com.

Regarding the participation of the delegates from federal authorities, professionals of the tourism industry and Mass Media. Rosturism, consultant of the department of tourist events and marketing technologies, administration of the govermental tourist projects and security in tourism, Ekaterina Guseva, 8 (495) 607 70 56, gusevatourism@yandex.ru.
“NEGUS EXPO”, project manager Zaripova Julia, 8 (495) 258 51 81, expo_b@expoclub.ru.

Regarding the registration of the speakers, Rosturism, Head of the Department of tourist events and marketing technologies; Administration of goverment tourist projects and safety in tourism, Svetlana Avdeeva: 8 (495) 607 71 12, s.avd@mail.ru.



Ecotourism in Russia

Ecotourism in Russia is the most perspective kind of tourism. The first attempts to develop this branch were made in the USSR, though after its disintegration the attempts stopped. Russian nature has ideal conditions for successful ecotourism development: variety, uniqueness, and vast dimensions of Russian landscapes not involved into the urbanizing process, intensive agriculture and the like.

Specially protected nature territories make the basis for ecotourism development. 5 nature regions of Russia are on the UNESCO list: Komi forests, Kamchatka volcanoes, Baikal lake, the West Caucasus and the Altai Mountains. Ecotourism can help preserve nature of these destinations and help increase the employment . Beside these regions there are very many other places good for ecotourism.

There are 35 national parks on the territory of Russia; 100 state nature reserves with total space of 33,5 MIO hectares; 68 state federal nature preserves with total space of 12,5 MIO hectares; 2976 state regional nature preserves with total space of 67,8 MIO hectares; 1024 natural monuments; 31 regional natural parks with total space of 13,2 MIO hectares.

There are huge possibilities for ecotourism in the North-West of Russia, in Karelia, the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions. Karelia is particularly called “the lungs of Europe”, because more than the half of its territory is covered with forests, and the quarter of its territory is covered with lakes and rivers. Not only ecotourists but also tourists who enjoy walking, water and adventure tourism are going there. In the largest European lake Ladoga there is the unique Valaam archipelago. In the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions village and farm tourism is growing rapidly. The holiday-makers can enjoy swimming in the rivers and lakes, fishing, picking up berries and mushrooms, original Russian bath and aromatic ukha (fish soup).

Photos from the conference «Ecotourism development» in Syktyvkar

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